Teeth Whitening in Coral Gables, Florida

A professional In-Office or at-home cosmetic teeth whitening treatment is available at Dr. Hayeck’s office.

These are more effective than any over the counter whitening products. Its advanced formula is the ultimate way to whiten your smile and get the results you are looking for. Results may vary depending on the condition of your teeth, starting shade, age and your commitment when using the at-home kit. You’ll get the ideal shade that is right for you. Your dentist will discuss with you what option may work best for you.

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system


teeth whiteningKÖR logoEveryone wants whiter, brighter teeth. Unfortunately, store shelves are full of products that promise a glowing smile, but often fail to deliver on their claims. The years of food and drink stains, smoking, medications, and the aging process can create deep, stubborn discoloration that may seem impossible to fade. Our office provides two solutions for teeth whitening: the KÖR Tooth Whitening System and Philips Zoom!

A whitening system involves making molds of a patient’s teeth, which are then used to create bleaching trays. Because they are custom-made for each patient, the trays are comfortable, and fit snugly enough to seal the gel inside. Most patients do not experience any pain or discomfort during this treatment. The results should be permanent as long as patients keep up with the recommended at-home maintenance.

Innovative KÖR whitening:

The KÖR Whitening System was developed as a powerful, predictable, and safe way to whiten the teeth. The treatment relies on the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen. Utilizing uniquely designed trays, a tri-barrel Hydremide Peroxide formula gel gets additional oxygen deep under the tooth’s surface. Once absorbed, stain molecules are meticulously dissolved. As the discolored areas are eliminated, the whitening results from KÖR become permanent.

Philips ZOOM!

Philips Zoomzoom logoThe Philips ZOOM! whitening technique is a noninvasive treatment that allows patients to experience brighter and whiter teeth as well. The treatment is completed within one hour which makes it very convenient for those with busy lifestyles. The Philips ZOOM! technique also whitens teeth and eliminate stains that have developed over time, except that the treatment is completed in our office in one hour instead of at home.

The results will be consistent and the shade of white will remain moderate as time passes. The whitening will last for a long duration of time if the teeth are properly cared for. Once you have finished your treatment in our office, at home care instructions will be provided before and after treatment. The Philips Zoom is the most requested dental whitening system today and more than 10 million people have already used it.We are excited to offer this treatment at our office!


Patients with mild to severe tooth stains and yellowing may make excellent candidates for the KoR Whitening System. Those considering the treatment should have generally healthy teeth and gums, with fully developed bone structures. While teeth can be safely whitened at any age, it is recommended that patients be at least 14, as by that age the teeth have fully erupted. Younger teeth brighten exceptionally well, but patients as old as go can see younger, whiter teeth with the KoR.


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